Fifteen years ago I wrote my High School Senior Thesis project on Saturday Night Live. It wasn’t that I was obsessed with the show, per se, but there was a certain freedom and joy that emanated from the cast of characters I grew to know and love and I was hell-bent to figure out what THAT magic was. The following Summer, I slept on my Sisters couch and attended my very first Improv class at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles. I’ll never forget leaving the classroom after the first day and saying “That! THAT is what I want to do!”

I jumped at the chance to take an Improvisation course my Freshman year of College where I fell even more in love. There was an excitement, an aliveness in putting myself and my brain on the spot on a regular basis and learning to trust my instincts in any given situation. In the Summer of 2004, I moved to Chicago, IL, lived at a Days Inn and attended The Second City School for an Improv & Sketch Writing 6-week Immersion Workshop. 6 Months later, I auditioned for the first year of the NY, NY American Comedy Institute. I was one of 16 accepted into the program, and while diving deeper into Improvisation and learning Stand-Up, Sketch and Screenwriting, I studied with The NYC Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where I completed their 4-level Improvisation curriculum.

Once my Comedy Institute Diploma was granted, I knew there was only one place left to go, back to Los Angeles. Since returning to LA I continued my study and performed improvisation, and in 2016 I completed the fifth and final level of The Groundlings School Program. I have always wanted to teach Improvisation, but it wasn’t until I jumped into my first Scene-Study class in mid-2016 that I saw where my gifts and knowledge of Improv could help Actors. I began to implement what I had learned with my gift of Intuitional Improvisation into the Intellectual coarse work required for scene study. I was blown away by how the two complemented each other so effortlessly. With my ability to connect  with my natural instincts, I learned to discover a deeper level of trust in myself and my scene-partners. 

I feel my gift is to help others (especially artists/actors/creatives) let go, connect & trust their instincts, and find their joy in professional and personal life. Improvisation to me was never about being funny, it was about connecting with my truth in any given moment and trusting the power & the wild magic within just waiting to be unleashed.

Through daily workshops, on-going courses, and one-on-one sessions, I help my students connect back to the intuition we were born with; the fun, the messy, the wild, the risky, the raw honest truth of who we (and/or our characters) are. How can we truly know someone if we don't honestly know & love ourselves first? That's my gift, to connect the shell of you with the wild that lives within us all. 

Stay WILD, my friends

Kirby Elaine

Owner | Founder | Teacher at Stay WILD

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