In early 2017, I was lost, scared and feeling very alone. I didn't know what was next, but I did know that I wanted to create something...

A positive project
A place to spread joy
A place born from love
A place to inspire hope

And so my Blog,  "The Joy List" was born.

The life experience I have been gifted to live has brought me to a point where I just can't help but share my gifts as well as all the lessons & joys of my life with you. This search for Joy, Self-Love, Healing, and Freedom lead me down a path of truly waking up to my own life and learning how to Heal my Heart. 

My mission in life is to help YOU release emotional pain to live more JOYFUL lives. I do this through Healing Sessions, Self-Love Life Coaching, and some pretty rad Animal Instinct Exercises. LOVE WILD was born out of a Healing place in my own life, and I am grateful every single day to help others connect back with their deepest truths.

Because YOU deserve Love, YOU deserve Freedom, YOU deserve Play, and YOU are worthy of everything your sweet heart desires. 

Let's DO This!